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Issue 60
Parking at Addenbrooke's, Facial Nerve Palsy presentation, AGM minutes

We would like to put snippets of news relevant to AMNET members on this page. Do you have anything for inclusion, something from the paper, radio, TV, internet or book? If so please send them to contact.amnet@btinternet.com

Books available for hire

BANA books to borrow/buy

A basic Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma

Effects an Acoustic Neuroma may have on your Memory, Emotions, Behaviour, Executive Functioning and Energy Conservation.

The Facial Nerve and Acoustic Neuroma

Headache after Acoustic Neuroma

Eye Care after Acoustic Neuroma

Balance following Acoustic Neuroma

Tinnitus. Living with noises in your head. Michael O’Toole

The Migraine Handbook. Jenny Lewis

Hearing Loss A guide to self help. Rosemary McCall

Let’s Face It Julie Ashby A Patient’s story.

A Loss of Face Facial Paralysis A guide to self  help. Diana Farragher Physiotherapist.

Plus a variety of leaflets and booklets.

DVDs available for hire

Don’t Panic Information for the newly diagnosed. BANA (DVD)

For details on how to borrow books please contact Alison Frank 01953 860692

Back Issues of our newsletter
in Adobe Acrobat format
Issue 63
Debra Nash CEO of BANA; Minutes of AGM; Twenty years on.
Issue 62
Mr Tyronne on ‘Skull Base Service’; Aids for Single Sided Deafness; Hearing Aids; DVLA and Acoustic Neuroma
Issue 61
Kate Burton on ‘Radiotherapy in the treatment of vesticbular schwannoma’; Eye problems; Balance issues; Fundraising
Issue 60
Parking at Addenbrooke's, Facial Nerve Palsy presentation, AGM minutes
Issue 59
The benefits of having two ears, Cyberknife patient No 1, Constitution revision
Issue 58
Skull Base Team, Communication Course
Issue 57
Summer meeting report, Questionnaire results
Issue 56
Karen Johnson from Facial Palsy UK, talking to us about facial palsy
Issue 55
Christmas meeting, Talk by Sally Taylor, The way things are, Fen Drayton lakes
Issue 54
AMNET AGM, Directory, Vestibular Schwannomas by Mr Richard Mannion
Issue 52
AMNET 15 years old edition
Issue 51
Facial Palsy, AGM, Mobile Phones, Interview with Peter lawrence
Issue 50
AMNET News the Beginning, CAMTAD, Acoustic Neuroma Experience
Issue 49
Single Sided Deafness, Canadian Holiday, Scleral Lenses, Minutes of AGM
Issue 48
David Baguley talk, Hearing Services, OOO Clinic, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
Issue 47
Diana Farragher Talk, Facial Rehabilitation, AMNET AGM,
Issue 46
Peter Lawrence, AMNET Accounts, Hearing Update, West Yorkshire Update
Issue 45
Peter Davisons bike ride, Acoustic Neuroma - the impact on the patient. Spring 2009
Issue 44
Acoustic Neuroma - the journey to Watch, Wait and Rescan. Dr. Simon Lloyd.
Issue 43
Management of Vestibular Schwannomas (A.N.) Dr Sarah Jefferies Summer 2008
Issue 42
Acoustic Neuroma Mr Moffat’s 1000th patient Spring 2008
Issue 41
Facial Reconstruction Mr George Cormack Autumn 2007
Issue 40
Coping with Fatigue Rachael Rowlingson Summer 2007
Issue 39
Handicap in Acoustic Neuroma Rachel Humphriss Spring 2007
Issue 38
Special Edition AMNET is 10 years old Autumn 2006
Issue 37
Special Edition AMNET hosts BANA AGM July 2006
Issue 36
1 First issue Winter 96
Issue 35
2006 an important year for AMNET Spring 06
Issue 34
Presentation of Funds and various articles Autumn 05
Issue 33
Recent Tinnitus  Research in Cambridge David Baguley Summer 05
Issue 32
Massage and Iridology Ely Complementary Therapists Spring 05
Issue 31
Helping people with Tinnitus and Balance Problems RNID Autumn 04
Issue 30
Hearing Implants Ivy Court Manager Emmeline Centre Summer 04
Issue 29
Skull Base Surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital Spring 04
Issue 28
Recovering from Skull Base Surgery -  Members Winter 03
Issue 27
Lip Reading Brenda Elcome Autumn 03
Issue 26
CROS Hearing Aids Judith Bird Summer 03
Issue 25
Patient as Mayor Brian Bagnall  Spring 03
Issue 24
BANA’s 10th Anniversary  Winter 02
Issue 23
New Methods for Balance Problems Johanna Beyts Autumn 02
Issue 22
The History of Anaesthetics Dr Phillip Morris. Summer 02
Issue 21
Changing Faces and PALS  Spring 02
Issue 20
Treatment for Acoustic Neuroma Robert MacFarlane Winter 01
Issue 19
Facial Rehabilitation Diana Farragher Autumn 01
Issue 18
Eye Management following A.N. Surgery Nicholas Sarkies Summer 01
Issue 17
Living with Tinnitus David Baguley Spring 01
Issue 16
Approaches to Facial Paralysis  Winter 2000
Issues 1 to 15 are unavailable at the moment

AMNET is an Eastern Counties, self-help group of former and new Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma patients and carers, based at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK

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